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Internet Governance

Internet Governance Forum: The multi-stakeholder space under threat

13 Oct 2011

I had the opportunity to attend recent the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) meeting, which took place at the United Nations Offices in Nairobi at the end of last month. The theme of the meeting, the sixth of its kind, was "Internet as a catalyst for change: access development, freedoms and innovation".

Asia Pacific Regional IGF #5

17 Jun 2011

An almost-final, somewhat long and summarised post from the APrIGF.

The second-to-last session dealt with a summary of earlier sessions. This post summarises the summaries.

The summary of the Overview session was that there are a range of issues facing the Internet, and that meeting to discuss these in an open format with all relevant stakeholders in the room is positive.

Asia Pacific Regional IGF #4

17 Jun 2011

This is my second-to-last update from an upbeat and interesting IGF in Singapore.

This morning the Forum broke into three parallel strands. I sat at the back of the session on the Arab Revolutions for the first slot -- and perhaps unsurprisingly, one evident message from the discussion was that while social media and the Internet has helped as an organising platform for the changes we have seen, they did not cause them: the normal role of repressive regimes and political grievance created the terrain for sudden and rapid changes.

Asia Pacific Regional IGF #3

17 Jun 2011

This is a very quick update, from a morning track on the Arab revolutions, but looking back at the two plenary sessions yesterday afternoon. 

One was on intellectual property and the controversies around ACTA.  The panel had a number of lawyers, and dealt with legal aspects of intellectual property as well as the more political elements of the growing pressures to tilt the playing field in favour of intellectual property owners.

Asia Pacific Regional IGF #2

16 Jun 2011

A very brief update from the morning's sessions.

The scene-setting session simply outlined what Internet Governance is - the institutional framework, the broad challenges facing the Internet, and all at a very high level. One thought that arises is that after five years of global IGF sessions, the phrase now does have a reasonably clear understanding.  Perhaps that's why the scene setting felt a bit old hat, to my ears anyhow.

Asia Pacific Regional IGF #1

16 Jun 2011

InternetNZ has sent me to this year's Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (website at which is happening in Singapore today and tomorrow.

I'll be presenting in two sessions - this afternoon on "Intellectual Property: ACTA and Other Controversies", and tomorrow morning on International Law Enforcement.  In both, I'll be making arguments from InternetNZ's principled position of supporting the open and uncapturable Internet, and highlighting why threats to that model are not in the public interest.