Page last updated 28 Mar 2013

Copyright reform

In Progress

The New Zealand Government has come up with a proposal to deal with the vexed issue of illicit peer-to-peer filesharing. The Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Bill will repeal Section 92a of the Copyright Act 1994. It sets out a fairer regime that is focused on public education via notices and tests allegations of infringement through a Tribunal process.

InternetNZ remains concerned however that suspension of peoples’ Internet accounts remains a final penalty, and continues to argue that this is a disproportionate response to digital copyright infringement.

InternetNZ position 

Enforcement of copyright needs to be a balance between users’ rights and the rights of content creators.

A notice and notice system in New Zealand is InternetNZ’s preferred response to the issue of illicit peer-to-peer filesharing.

Notices have been shown to reduce infringement. A system that sends notices to alleged infringers is a low cost, clean response to illicit peer-to-peer file sharing.