Page last updated 28 Mar 2013

Network Measurement Lab

On Hold


Create a Network Measurement Lab that provides evidence to support the important network policy and architecture decisions affecting New Zealand Internet users


Phase 1A

The goal of this phase is to identify the key questions and issues relating to New Zealand Internet for which evidence is required to provide a greater understanding.

Harmonic has been contracted to undertake this work and delivered the following:

1. Phase 1A Report

2. Appendix 1- Interview Script

3. Appendix 2 - Detailed Findings

4. Appendix 3 - Measurement Resources


The report will be discussed at InTAC. In addition, we invite comments about the report. Please contact us with your feedback.


Phase 1B

This phase has yet to commence. In this, Harmonic will examine potential options and make recommendations for a Network Measurement Lab implementation that could resolve the issues identifyed in the previous phase.