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Ultra-fast broadband: a moment of truth?

30 Jun 2010

I've been at the TelCon11 conference in Auckland yesterday and today.

There is a clear rumbling within the industry about the next stages of the Government's ultra-fast broadband package, the $1.35bn investment in fibre to the premises that is currently moving from policy to digging.


APTLD appoints new Chair, General Manager

02 Jun 2010

InternetNZ's contractor for key external relationships Keith Davidson has been elected Chair of the Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association (APTLD).

Keith succeeds Jonathan Shea from Hong Kong's .hk, as the Chair. New Zealand's Peter Dengate Thrush, now Chair of ICANN, is a former APTLD Chair.

Social media focus at InternetNZ open evening

31 May 2010

InternetNZ is organising an "open evening". This is to provide a platform for InternetNZ members to share their knowledge and thoughts with the wider community. The open evening will provide InternetNZ members an opportunity to get to know one another better and to expose non-members to InternetNZ’s work (hopefully some of them will like it enough to join us!).

The first open evening will be in Auckland. If it works well, we will consider holding an open evening in Wellington later this year.


RIP Paul Reynolds

24 May 2010

Paul Reynolds was one of the most well known and respected commentators and thinkers on the topics of information access and technological change in New Zealand.

Paul spent many years enlightening listeners of Radio New Zealand to the wonders and potential of technology, and never failed to make the most complex things sound simple.


Member survey highlights policy interests

18 May 2010

Thank you to all members who participated in InternetNZ's recent policy engagement survey.

We asked members to indicate their policy areas of interest, from a list we provided, and to note down their particular areas of expertise.

We received 97 responses; a healthy 47 percent of the total membership.


Privacy aware

04 May 2010

It is Privacy Awareness Week so a post on privacy is obligatory. But my thoughts go back a few weeks. The last school holidays to be precise.

Now, school holidays can be the best of times, the worst of times. A combination of too much time for kids and peer pressure tends to favour the worst of times outcome.


Spotlight on ultra-fast broadband

28 Apr 2010

I was one of three speakers this morning at NetSafe’s regular Spotlight event, speaking today on ultra-fast broadband (UFB). Di Das from Computers in Homes and Russell O'Brien Vector Communications, along with Martin Cocker (NetSafe’s executive director) were the other speakers.

I focused my comments on what is happening to get ultra-fast broadband available, and what we might all be able to use it for. A copy of the presentation in PDF form is available here if you’re interested.

CommsDay Summit in Sydney

20 Apr 2010

I'm in Sydney for the CommsDay summit, a telecommunications conference that crosses the usual industry areas of telco and broadcasting regulation as well as news from vendors about what comes next.

Peering through the haze

19 Apr 2010

It is good to see activity on Internet peering in New Zealand with FX Networks reaching an agreement to peer with Telecom Wholesale at 19 points of presence.

Time for the DITL Collection

14 Apr 2010

The DITL (Day in the Life of the Internet) Project is a large-scale simultaneous collection of Internet traffic run to provide strategic datasets for research purposes.

This collection has been conducted yearly since 2006, and 2010 is no exception. Starting on April 13 until the 15th, traffic from the DNS root servers, Regional Internet Registries like APNIC, TLD operators and other key actors will be captured. New Zealand Registry Services will participate for the first time, collecting DNS queries in the nameservers serving .nz.