19 March 2010

Meeting Date: 
Fri, 19/03/2010 - 10:00am
InternetNZ Office, Level 9, Grand Arcade Tower, Wellington
Start   Item   Person
10.00   Council alone time   President
10.15   Strategic Planning discussion   President
11.25   Apologies:    President
    Declaration of Councillor interests   President
    Agenda consideration - in committee items   President
11.30   Guest speaker 
Cyber law Fellow – Jonathon Penney
12.00   Lunch    
12.30   Consent agenda item


THAT the minutes of the meetings held on 11 December 2009 be received and adopted as a true and correct record, AND THAT the  following report be received:

  1. President’s Report 
    b.          Fellows selection report

c. Evote ratification

12.50   Matters arising from the minutes
  • Outstanding action points from previous meeting
12.55   NZ Registry Services report
  • Third quarter report
  Jay Daley 
Donna Hiser
1.20   Domain Name Commission Limited report
  • Third quarter report
  • November monthly report
  • December monthly report
  • January monthly report
  Debbie Monahan 
Joy Liddicoat
1.45   External Relations report  
Keith Davidson
2.15   CE report
  • CE update
  • Current Workstream status
  • InternetNZ accounts to January
  • Third quarter group consolidated financials
  • InternetNZ cashflow report
  • InternetNZ final Budget and draft Business Plan 2010/11
  • Grants Application report
  • Final Premises report
  • Calendar
  • Membership update
  Vikram Kumar 
Richard Currey
3.15   Afternoon tea    
  • Reserves Policy
  • License Fee
  • Capital Fund
  • Video Conferencing
4.30   General business   President
4.45   Meeting ends   President