10 June 2011

Meeting Date: 
Fri, 10/06/2011 - 11:15am
InternetNZ Office, Level 9, Grand Arcade Tower, Wellington


Agenda for a meeting of the InternetNZ Council
Friday, 10 June 2011
Level 9 Grand Arcade Tower, 16 Willis St, Wellington
10.00 am
Council alone time
10.45 am
Strategic discussion
Jay Daley
11.15 am
Declaration of Councillor interests
Agenda consideration - in committee items
Consent agenda item
a.                  Ratification of minutes – 25 March 2011
b.                  President’s report
c.                  Evote ratification
d.                  External relationships’ report
11.20 am
Matters arising from the minutes
Outstanding action points from previous meeting
11.30 am
Strategic discussion
Paper on developing a strategy for investing the group’s cash in excess of reserves
Cr Moskovitz,
Cr Wiggs
12.00 pm
Grant application
High definition video conferencing bridge
Carol Moffatt
12.30 pm
1.00 pm
Strategic discussion
Crown Fibre Holdings – UFB update
Rohan MacMahon, CFH Strategy Director
1.30 pm
Domain Name Commission Limited report
Monthly report for March 2011
Monthly report for April 2011
Fourth quarter report
.nz Domain name wholesale fee and retail price comparison
Joy Liddicoat
2.00 pm
NZ Registry Services report
Fourth quarter report
Final Statement of Direction and Goals
Donna Hiser
2.20 pm
Group financials
Year end consolidated financial statements
2.30 pm
Audit and Risk Committee
Audit and Risk Committee minutes - 31 March 2011
Cr Clark
3.00 pm
Afternoon tea
3.15 pm
InternetNZ operational report
CE’s report
Financial report to April 2011
Grants report
Victoria University
Council calendar
Membership update
Vikram Kumar
4.30 pm
Other business
4.45 pm
Meeting ends