InternetNZ releases copyright submission

11 Jan 2010

InternetNZ (Internet New Zealand Inc) has released its submission to the Minister of Commerce on illegal peer-to-peer file sharing.

The submission is in response to a December 2009 discussion paper that made a series of recommendations for amendments to the Copyright Act.

InternetNZ Policy Director Jordan Carter says the proposed approach set out in the Government’s discussion paper deals with many of the concerns that InternetNZ and others had with the previous Section 92a of the Copyright Act.

“We congratulate the Minister for proposing a much more reasonable framework for dealing with peer-to-peer file sharing than that inherited from the previous Government,” he says.

“InternetNZ’s submission highlights some issues of detail and offers a set of suggestions for improvements that are consistent with the overall approach set out in recommendations agreed by Cabinet.”

Key issues in InternetNZ’s submission include timings of notices and counter-notices, the distribution and recovery of costs to ISPs, sanctions for rights holders and ISP safe harbour.

For more information contact:

Jordan Carter
Policy Director
021 442649

Copyright reform