Copyright Seminars - May 2010

In late May 2010 InternetNZ hosted free public seminars on the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing Amendment) Bill, to assist with submissions to the Select Committee.

The Copyright (Infringing File Sharing Amendment) Bill is a replacement for the much-criticised Section 92a of the Copyright Act 1994.

The seminars provided for sharing of information and enabled critical analysis of the Bill for those wishing to contribute to the policy discussion or make their own submissions.

Copyright Seminar Programme (.pdf)


A powerful line-up of officials and experts was assembled to present details and examine aspects of the planned changes. Speakers included Kim Connolly-Stone and Peter Bartlett from the Ministry of Economic Development, technologist Nat Torkington, ISP industry stalwart David Diprose, Creative Freedom Foundation’s Matthew Holloway and ICT lawyer Rick Shera.

Presentation material

InternetNZ's point of view (PowerPoint)
Jordan Carter, InternetNZ

The ISP perspective (PowerPoint)
David Diprose

Is the Bill needed? (.pdf)
Nat Torkington

Process aspects of the Bill (PowerPoint)
Matthew Holloway, CFF

Report on Copyright (Infringing File Sharing Amendment) Bill (.pdf)
Rick Shera, Lowndes Jordan

Markup of changes to Copyright Act (.doc)
Rick Shera, Lowndes Jordan